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MacAudioLab has been the leader in MOTU Digital Performer Training DVDs, on-site DP training, and DP consulting since 2002.

Located in the capitol of California, we have now branched out with a new Mastering Studio that offers online mastering services no matter where you're located..


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» Now updated for DP7!:

Shipping first week of Jan 2010 - for more details..


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We've taken an extensive look at other DP tutorials and have been sorely disappointed at the lack of in-depth and 'real-world' information in them. We have yet to see a video series on Digital Performer that covers as much in-depth coverage as our DP instructional videos do. We have been an innovator in DP training for over 7 years. Our videos contain all original content that you can not get out of any other tutorial system - and since we use DP7 everyday in professional studios and environments, you can be sure that you are getting the highest level of 'real world' curriculum available!